Lenôtre Christmas

Noël Lenôtre 18


In 2018, Michaël Cailloux collaborated with Maison Lenôtre for Christmas. Together they imagined an epic and wonderful adventure from imaginary ancient times.

The Advent Calendar

We see once again Michaël Cailloux’s interest in wildlife, represented here in a refined yet mischievous manner. Asian, African and European animals in search of delicious offerings. Everyday, a new step in a wonderful Odyssey within this calendar that guides us all the way to Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Yule log and its Pop UP paper theatre

The skies and the heavens, a soft starry night imagined and drawn by Michaël Cailloux. A wonderful paper theatre resembling a slide show that shelters this Christmas Yule log with flavours originating from 3 different continents and represented by the animals: Lemon from Asia, chocolate from Africa and hazelnut from Europe.

Table planning and greeting cards

Michaël Cailloux drew 12 greeting cards where we can write a name and put ourselves in the skin of the animal of our choosing. These illustrations are also on greeting cards sent by Maison Lenôtre.