Lenôtre Epiphany


In 2019, Michaël Cailloux continued his collaboration with Maison Lenôtre for the Epiphany, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Epiphany cake and its Origami box

Inspired by Michaël Cailloux’s floral patterns, this cake is presented in an origami style packaging fully imagined by the artist. There is fine line work illustrating animals on the inside for children to enjoy colouring.

The fèves (small figurines)

For this occasion Michaël Cailloux created a jewellery box like case decorated with a luxuriant and refined floral pattern, inspired by a medieval tapestry evoking the return of the light and the progressive rebirth of nature. Inside, 6 porcelain fèves (small figurines) represent royal wildlife, as well as a 7th collector figurine representing a fusion between a star, the moon and the sun.