Made to Measure

Lucas Carton sur mesure

Lucas Carton

Michaël Cailloux decorated the covered passage at Madeleine in Paris for Lucas Carton’s restaurant. His hand-drawn illustrations were then arranged and coloured for a restyled “Art Déco” look.

Greeting card “Lucas Carton” 2016 & 2017

Cartes Dior


Michaël Cailloux was part of the first collection ”Dior Home”:

He designed playing cards in homage to Christian Dior, representing all the symbols dear to the famous fashion designer like the flowers of his gardens or his 2 lucky charms: the clover and the lily of the valley.

He also created a notebook collection in collaboration with the artisan bookbinder Reine Taëvran. Made in the traditional perfect bound binding technique, hand-sewn with a linen thread and covered with wallpaper.

The Invisible Collection carnets papier peint

The Invisible Collection

Conceived by a team in Paris, London and New York, open the doors to the 21st century talents, successors of decorative arts of the Jean Michel Frank, Pierre Chareau or Jacques Adnet era. Selected among other represented artists, Michaël Cailloux has created a made to measure collection of wall jewellery, wallpapers and art stationary that can be found on

Vis à Vis & Invisible Collection


In collaboration with The Invisible Collection, Michaël Cailloux partnered with Vis-à-vis to create a joyful household linen collection that combines prints and embroidery in a new and original way.

Gravix gravures eau forte


In 2015, Michaël Cailloux was a finalist at the Gravix contest with his etchings created with an acid bath technique and printed traces of wall jewellery named “Exquisite Corpse”.

Editions Thierry Magnier

Merveilleuse Nature

Another “Search and Find” ? Not quite! This one has the ambition to compete with an actual art book, produced with extreme care particularly thanks to an American style sleeve that unfolds into a poster. There are 12 double pages, like the 12 months in a year, in which the reader is invited to find numerous hidden details in the images. Each month has a different style: February is the time of the animal carnival, in August we dive into an overpopulated sea, in October we go for a walk through pumpkins and bats, etc.

Michaël Cailloux created images swarming with details and an aesthetic resembling wallpapers for his first children’s book. Compositions, patterns, repetitions and weirdness mix and mingle. Beyond just playing along the fun search and finds, these illustrations are especially an invitation to daydream.

Les ateliers de Paris

In September 2015, Michaël Cailloux took part in the exhibition “Infinite green” organized by “Les ateliers de Paris”. For that occasion, he created a collection of wall jewellery, etching and stationary on the theme of “green”.

In January 2017, Michaël Cailloux is selected among the “Esprit de Paris” competition laureates, with a collection of wallpaper artwork inspired by Paris and his art stationary made in collaboration with the bookbinder Reine Taëvran.



Every season, the shoe brand Rivecour calls in a new designer to customize their shoebox, which is thought out like a precious object that one would want to keep. Michaël Cailloux accepted to decorate the 2016’s and 2017’s collections.


“Uchiwa” is a charity organized by Walking Art. Michaël Cailloux drew with thin tip pens on traditional Japanese fans, which sold at auction, and all of the proceeds went to BLOOM, an organization that takes action to protect oceans.

Fondation Gacha

Michaël Cailloux has created a print inspired by N’dop, traditionnal fabric and Bamiléké ritual, for the Foundation Jean Félicien Gacha’s staff’s uniform. This association takes action in 5 sectors in Cameroon: education and training, culture and crafts, health and social issues, environment and agriculture, as well as tourism.