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  • Livre Talismans
    Livre Talismans


    This extraordinary playbook is unlike any other with its 14removable lucky charms to overcome everyday problems. Repel nightmares, get good grades at school, stop a child sucking on his/her thumb, go on vacation without your parents or make a disgusting medicine taste better… Everything has a solution, as long as you believe in it ! Discover an extract of the book

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  • Merveilleuses couleurs couvertureWonderful Colours cover
    Wonderful Colours cover

    Wonderful Colours

    In this book illustrated by Michaël Cailloux and written by Nathalie Béreau, every double page becomes a chance to explore a colour and its subtle nuances through various elements that represent each hue. We go from the most common elements such as a lion, banana, or sunflower, which would represent the colour yellow, to the most quirky like the Sun King’s mask or a round, golden turnip. Each of the 9 colours are represented by miniature wallpapers in which the reader is invited to wander and find the element that doesn't belong by reading the riddles. A truly colourful work, somewhere between an art book and an original Seek-and-Find book. Discover an extract of the book

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  • Wonderful Nature cover
    Wonderful Nature  cover

    Wonderful Nature

    Another “Search and Find” ? Not quite! This one has the ambition to compete with an actual art book, produced with extreme care particularly thanks to an American style sleeve that unfolds into a poster. There are 12 double pages, like the 12 months in a year, in which the reader is invited to find numerous hidden details in the images. Each month has a different style: February is the time of the animal carnival, in August we dive into an overpopulated sea, in October we go for a walk through pumpkins and bats, etc. Discover an extract of the book Michaël Cailloux created images swarming with details and an aesthetic resembling wallpapers for his first children’s book. Compositions, patterns, repetitions and weirdness mix and mingle. Beyond just playing along the fun search and finds, these illustrations are especially an invitation to daydream.

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