Manthis Religiosa

Manthis Religiosa

Michaël Cailloux is devoted and passionate about Art Nouveau and especially René Lalique’s jewellery with his sketches and theatrical combs. The artist viscerally sculpts copper with jewellery craftsmanship and etching techniques. With “Manthis Religiosa”, the praying mantis merges with nature and becomes floral and plant-like. The insect is dressed in bindweeds, a flower often represented in the artist’s work.

Bow saw cutting, etching, aquatint, copper and ink
Size W 20.2 x H 25 cm
Presented in a case, similar to a jewellery box

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mouche-blanc 30 About the artist

Michaël Cailloux has been passionate about drawing since childhood. Sketching and doodling are second nature to this exceptional artist who graduated from the renown École Duperré School of Design in Paris in 1998. His dissertation was dedicated entirely to the 18th century fly… Further information


Michaël Cailloux reappropriates the copper sheets used to print his etchings by working them according to classic jewel making techniques: bow saw, internal and external cutting, embossing and chiseling. He thereby creates sculptures he refers to as “wall jewels”… Further information

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