Paris by night

Paris by night


This piece, with the Eiffel Tower illuminated by floral fireworks and intimately adorned with two snails, is a love letter from Michaël Cailloux to Paris. The artist reminds us how even though the city has been hurt multiple times these past few years, it remains as majestic as ever. This piece is like a snapshot, a joyful postcard to refute and counter the tragic image imposed on the City of Lights. “We are Paris, we are together, we are happy” seem to be exclaimed by these two sensual gastropods. The animal with no animosity appears to be peaceful, soft and a bringer of hope before a cold and hopeless world. The grim and morbid can’t stay any longer; life and only life remains.

Aquatint etching
Size 28 x 39 cm
Monotype / Unique work
Natural white Arche paper

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mouche-blanc 30 About the artist

Michaël Cailloux has been passionate about drawing since childhood. Sketching and doodling are second nature to this exceptional artist who graduated from the renown École Duperré School of Design in Paris in 1998. His dissertation was dedicated entirely to the 18th century fly… Further information


Etchings by Michael Cailloux are executed according to conventional art techniques: the copper plate is sculpted with a fret saw then worked with an etching needle; ferric chloride is used for the bite while an aquatint process produces the tonal effects… All works exhibit an embossed interplay and sober colors. Impressions in series limited to a maximum of 4 copies… Further information

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